On Trump, Jackson, and the Civil War

posted May 1, 2017, 3:01 PM by Betsy Ruffin
President Trump is under fire for remarks about Andrew Jackson, the Civil War, and a possible relation between the two.  Because folks on social media are not always known for their thoughtfulness, here are some links on this subject that are a little more objective.  

The first is the most complete transcript of the remarks I can find because I like to see remarks in context.  The next two are analysis of the remarks. 

To those who want to boil the  causes of said war down to one word-slavery - it is not really that simple.  While slavery was a main- likely this main- factor, there was more going on beneath the surface even at government level and certainly at a personel level for the soldiers.  Here are a few links on, the first a UK site so more objective one would hope