On the Ivanka -Nordstrom Controversy

posted Feb 11, 2017, 11:28 AM by Betsy Ruffin   [ updated Feb 11, 2017, 11:29 AM ]
Are stores dropping her line to protest President Trump?
Maybe, maybe not. Regarding changes related to her clothing lines, some cite dropping sales , others say they are just mixing her line in with regular merchandise or continuing to supply it online.  There is a boycott movement, however, that is targeting stores that sell the line and this can not be discounted as a factor.  

What about President Trump and his Nordstrom is unfair tweet?
Most sources say the question here is ethical rather than strictly legal.  This is not the only company he has mentioned - positive or negative -  and it gets particularly sticky when tweets from his realdonaldtrump Twitter account are shared to his POTUS twitter account.   However, even the ethical considerations are not clear yet due to the new nature of several elements involved here.

What about KellyAnne Conway's comment to buy Ivanka?
In response to a question on this at a press briefing, Sean Spicer noted that she had been "counseled" on this.  Another report has her apologizing to the President in regards to this.

In summary (my words):  The wide ranging business interests of the President and his family do present issues not faced to this extent previously.   Caution is certainly warranted on the part of all parties in both verbal and action responses.   

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