On Melania Trump

posted Jan 21, 2017, 3:26 PM by Betsy Ruffin   [ updated Jan 21, 2017, 3:36 PM ]
Watching FB trending stories and their comments can be an eye-opener - and not always for the better. 
Here are a few Check the Story items based on FB comments on Melania Trump:

> Was she a hooker ? This story started with a Slovenian gossip magazine.  There is absolutely NOTHING to back up this idea.  Other sources that picked up this tale retracted it soon after.  
My comment:  Believing this would be the equivalent of believing the US tabloid headlines

> What about that gift from Melania to Michelle?  Reliable sources indicate this is a longstanding tradition.    Melania was following the tradition.
My comment:  Any reaction from Michelle seemed to be just wondering where to put it until later since Inauguration Day procedures were moving forward.

> What about those nude pictures?  These pictures seem to be from 15- 20 years ago during her career as a model.  
My comment: No, this form of earning a living would not have been my choice, even if I had the looks.  However,  shaming her for this seems odd or even hypocritical for anyone looking admiringly to Hollywood.  

And a final note on another First Lady: Michelle Obama
> Is she or was she a man?  Online images of her as a child show a female child and she is still a lovely lady.
My comment:  This story is as insulting and uncalled for as the ones on Melania.