My View: Trending stories that should not be (trending)

posted Jan 27, 2017, 4:40 PM by Betsy Ruffin   [ updated Jan 27, 2017, 4:41 PM ]
This post is entirely my opinion, so take it as such.
The trending stories on FB can be  an interesting - and sometimes scary -insight in to human nature.  There have been, lately however, a few items that I think are not the best use of internet space.  Here are a few and why I think the way I do.
> Sean Spier's feud with Dippin Dots- Really?  A few tweets where he posted his opinion (and of course no one else EVER posts an opinion on Twitter)?  This seems to be just another way of trolling the internet.
> Is Melanie Trump petrified in video?  What was Michelle's reaction to Melania's gift?  Both of these stories seem to be related to someone's interpretation of video clips or stills.  That is not good evidence in my opinion
> The size of the crowd on Inauguration Day - Too many factors at play, including timing of pictures chosen, to take this story very seriously.  Move on people, nothing to see here.
>  The Doomsday Clock - Another Really?  Who decides this and why should we believe them?
> The folks who would register as Muslim to protest a registry.  Whether I agree with a registry or not, why should the opinion of these folks be a basis of my view?  This goes for all the celebrities who express a view. While short of vulgarity and violence promotion, they are free to express an opinion, I also have the right not to care about what they say.   I choose to research and think for myself. 
> Alternative facts - Not the best phrasing, but I wonder if the reference was to which facts - of the entire body of facts - are chosen by a particular side to play up, spin, or otherwise reference.  Looks to me like a reason to look beyond headlines to the entire story. 
> Economic Intelligence Unit - Again, who decides these rankings and why should I trust them?   Also the term Democracy is misleading at best.  As some have pointed out, US is not a democracy; we are a republic or as the American's Creed puts it "a democracy in a republic"
> The costumes of the Women's March - Vagina hats and costumes?  My final (for this post) REALLY? That is just weird!