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Political Literacy: a new service from B Ruffin Enterprises

Inspired - or perhaps appalled is a better word -by what I have seen on media, social and otherwise, this election season, I am starting a new research element for my business: Political Literacy.

The aim of Political Literacy will be twofold:
1. to check out political stories for accuracy, objecctivity, and completeness of facts
2. to provide information for better understanding how our government works

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 Links from the Computa-Cat

The Computa-Cat offers services including:
  • Computer  Training and Help
  • Website Creation and Help

  • Social Media Help

  • Google Apps Training and Help

She can also help with: 
  • Writing and Proofreading
  • Information Searching

  • Genealogy Searching 
General Price: $65 an hour

Quotes and specials available upon request


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